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Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy

Our many years of experience, as well as our personal commitment and individual approach to each client contribute to the adequate tax protection and consulting services we offer. We provide consultations in connection with company accounting, tax and social security legislation, one-time or subscription consultations, case clarification, activity planning, assistance, preparation of documents and tax representation in inspections and audits of legal entities and individuals, including the preparation of a complete set of documentation, incl. and not only the preparation of cash flow, determination of opening and closing balances for the audited periods of individuals and legal entities.

Dynamic processes

Both in Bulgaria and around the world, tax legislation is one of the most dynamic processes. Due to the enlargement of the EU, as well as globalization, it is more and more necessary to solve cases related to two or more countries. Our team of professionals maintains the highest standards in the analysis of each tax case and provides reasoned and workable solutions for each individual case, whether it is national or international.

Tax protection and representation – preparation of documentation in connection with tax inspections and audits, objections and complaints on audit reports and acts.

Consultations in relation to VAT, corporate and personal income taxation, one-off taxes and all other direct and indirect taxes, transactions between related parties.

Consultations in connection with tax effects in business schemes, mergers, acquisitions and other issues related to business management decisions