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Company registration

Company registration

According to Bulgarian law, anyone who carries out any commercial activity, be it online sales, production or other commercial activity, is obliged to declare this by establishing a legal entity.
The sale of goods or services on the Internet through platforms such as Facebook or Instagram is especially common. In cases such as these, frequent sales of goods and services are made without a company through which to declare and pay taxes.
As is often the case in the Internet space, nothing is anonymous and a trace remains.
In cases like these, sooner or later NRA comes and wants to pay large amounts for taxes and social and health security, or if you have exceeded a certain threshold, even to register for VAT.

What you need to register a company

To determine what it will be (Ltd., sole trader, JSC) – if you have difficulty, we will help you choose what is best for you;
• You need to come up with a company name and we will check if your choice is free;
• Description of what activity your company will perform;
• Headquarters and address of management, most often either the office or home address of one of the owners. An address for correspondence with state institutions may also be indicated if it is different from the registered office.
• Name of the manager, if he is different from the owner or, when the owners are several, who or which of them will be managers and how they would manage the company;

Conditions and prices

Our price for starting a company is BGN 200 excl. VAT, and this does not include fees to third parties (commercial register fee, notary fee and paid-in capital). You can contact us online via the contact form or write to us at the e-mail specified in the Contacts section. The whole procedure can be done online or visit us on site. We assure you that we comply with all anti-epidemic measures and you will be in an absolutely safe environment. You can take advantage of a completely free consultation to choose which is best for you. If you sign an accounting service contract with Fourmate, we will set-up your company at half price.