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You can take advantage of the services offered by Fourmate related to staff:
preparation of payrolls, employment contracts, job descriptions, documentation related to occupational safety, etc. Our many years of experience in this area guarantees you personal commitment and adequate protection in case of various inspections by the relevant authorities. We also have experience in preparing documentation related to sending workers abroad, hiring foreigners in Bulgaria, services related to the so-called “shadow payroll”, etc.

Outsourced payroll services

Regardless of the type, complexity and size of your organization, we at Fourmate can offer you all the necessary services related to the management of administrative processes regarding the processing of monthly or annual salaries of your employees and the maintenance of employment records.
The process of outsourcing the remuneration of your employees will help you focus on the proper management of your human resources, as well as gives you the opportunity for better control and a higher level of confidentiality.

Management of all activities and processes related to the processing of your employees’ salaries from the initial reports for reporting the work done to the final payment of salaries, including official communication with the tax administration for submission of all mandatory reports, ledgers and declarations.

In-depth analysis of labor costs (by cost centers and / or reporting periods, by departments, comparative analysis, net-to-gross analysis). This process will help you optimize costs to increase your profits.

Advising on all labor, legal and administrative issues related to the employees of the organization, including assistance in relation with representatives of state services and agencies (Labor Inspectorate, NRA, NSSI, etc.)