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Fourmate also offers documentation archiving services. We are all aware that there are legal deadlines under the Tax and Social Security Procedure Code in which taxpayers must keep their primary documents (invoices, bank statements, etc.). Storing original documents requires physical space, and their adequate arrangement requires the necessary experience. We are ready to relieve you of this tedious obligation by ensuring quality storage of documents and speed in providing documents when necessary for any reason.

Digitalisation and cost reduction

The trend in recent years, and especially during the pandemic, is to focus on the digitalization of processes. This enables our customers to do more business by optimizing the time they need to service their processes, by solving the 4 traditional problems of your business:
• Frequent lack of documents, just when the NRA requires them;
• Piles of paper invoices to be processed;
• Regular preparation of VAT in the last minute;
• Lack of time for training on innovations in legislation.

  • • Reducing the number of employees involved in the process of finding a relevant document.
  • • There is no need for office space or storage space for document storage.
  • •Don’t waste time answering a customer inquiry.
  • •Significantly reduce response time to respond to customer inquiries.

We at Fourmate believe that in the heart of innovation and the growth of your business, good ideas are the only sustainable competitive advantage and deserve the best protection. Your ideas, your progress and your future are of great importance to us. That is why we strive to offer our support to develop your potential and be even more competitive in your work, protecting your intellectual property and finding ways to profit from it.
Our expert work in the field of industrial property is focused on business, whose proactivity is focused on the new, different and innovative. We strive to provide services related to the protection of intellectual property of the highest quality, supporting entrepreneurs to materialize their ideas, to benefit from them and to anticipate the potential risks they face.

Счетоводната информация в дружеството на основание чл. 42, ал. 1 от Закона за счетоводството се съхранява по реда, предвиден в Закона за държавния архивен фонд, в следните срокове:
– ведомости за заплати – 50 г.;
– счетоводни регистри и финансови отчети – 10 г.;
– документи за данъчен контрол – до 5 г. след изтичане на давностния срок за погасяване на публичното задължение, което удостоверяват тези документи;
– документи за финансов одит – до извършване на следващ вътрешен одит и одит на Сметната палата;
– всички останали носители – 3 г.

В горепосочените срокове се съхранява и счетоводната информация на технически носител. Сроковете започват да текат от 1 януари на годината, следваща тази, за която се отнасят счетоводните документи.

След изтичане на срока за съхранение носителите (хартиени или технически) на счетоводна информация, които не подлежат на предаване в Държавния архивен фонд, се унищожават.

Какво представлява дигитализацията на документи и защо е важна
Дигитализацията на хартиените документи, наричана още сканиране, оптимизира работата и значително повишава ефективността на работещите с тях. Тя спомага документите много по-лесно да могат да бъдат намерени, споделяни, изтегляни, изпращани, управлявани и защитени. Също така това е добро решение, в случай че искате да съхраните някои документи, които не сте задължени да пазите по закон, но са ценни за вас и вашата организация.

Benefits of scanning documents

Document scanning is part of companies’ strategy to facilitate ongoing work processes.
The benefits of document scanning help companies:
• Have faster access to their documents;
• Easier to share information from them with each other;
• Protect the information contained on the paper original;
• Increase their level of information security, as they minimize the risks associated with the processing of paper documents;
• Meet the stricter requirements of the GDPR, incl. for accessibility and confidentiality for personal data protection after the entry into force of the GDPR – only certain people can have access to the information;
• Have control over access to information – only certain people will be able to see the information;
• Save resources – achieve cost savings in connection with the archiving and processing of paper documents;
• Meet the legal deadlines for storing information.

Scanning and naming of documents

With this solution, you also have high-quality scanned files. They are provided to you recorded on a data storage and are organized by directories and subdirectories. There are some limitations here, such as:
occupy server space in your device;
you only have local access to the scanned images
and have a much lower degree of protection and risk of accidental deletion.
Suitable for companies with small document flow; companies that use different DMS solutions, or organizations and individuals who want to scan valuable documents they need for different purposes.