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Big or small, your business deserves the best accounting service

About us
We are Fourmate – an accounting firm with over 10 years of experience in accounting, tax and consulting services. Our team of highly qualified specialists has expertise in process management in every business branch in the country and Europe. Over the years we have managed to develop and maintain long-term partnerships with our customers and sustainable relationships built on mutual trust and professionalism.
Big or small, your business deserves the best accounting service.
In the dynamic world of unforeseen changes, a trusted accountant is the one who will guarantee you and your business security, predictability and peace of mind. Thus, you will pursue your most important task – to attract new customers and opportunities to expand your business, and we will fulfill our mission to offer accounting services based on trust between us and our customers.


Accounting services give full access of an external expert to the whole world of your company – documents, financial flows and processes. That is why it is important for this access to be based on trust, which will guarantee the quality of work, business peace of mind and mutual satisfaction with the achieved results.


When the accountant’s job is well done, it remains hidden from the rest of the company. If you do not have such an accountant, you can hire external specialists. To ensure a responsible attitude, choose an accounting firm with clients who can guarantee this partnership.

Our clients

Partnership means mutual trust


Krasimira Hadjiivanova
Member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation 'Maiko Mila'

The wonderful people in Fourmate are my salvation! Patient, responsive and competent in all issues and problems I have had in connection with personal and company finances. Truly trusted partners you can count on to take any situation seriously and responsibly. For a person like me, whom the Bulgarian educational system has taught everything else, but not to understand tax returns, for example, Fourmate experts are absolutely indispensable. I thank them for their professionalism, efficiency and humane attitude.


Natalia Alexandrova
LL.M. (Eur. Integration) and Managing partner in law firm Ninov and Alexandrova

I have trusted the professionalism of Fourmate and his specialists for years. I am extremely pleased with the correctness and high quality of their services, the personal approach and the efficiency of the team. I have been provided with effective solutions, both to issues related to my personal accounting and to cases of my clients from Bulgaria and abroad. I am sure that by entrusting the accounting services of your business to Fourmate, you will ensure peace of mind in a dynamic and complex matter and you will find a partner with whom you can develop and grow.

Angel res

Angel Iliev
CEO and Founder in AMZ GENESIS and Partner in AP Food Ltd.

Great team of professionals! I have been working with Formate since 2013 and they do a great job of servicing 3 of my companies with an online trading profile on the Amazon and eBay platforms. Over the years, I have recommended their services to my close acquaintances from the same industry, which arouses many discussions and problems, and I have remained with a very positive attitude towards their services and quick reaction. If you want to have an accountant to rely on, then I highly recommend their accounting services.