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Legal consultancy

Legal consultancy

We also offer a full range of legal services related to company registration, drafting contracts, legal protection, etc. We have a large team of lawyers, each expert in its field (corporate law, property law, international law, intellectual property, etc.). Many years of experience and an individual approach to each client guarantee a highly qualified service, as well as speed, which is essential in the dynamic world in which we live.

Our experience

We at Fourmate analyze every little detail of your legal case, because it can be crucial for the ultimate success. Our experience shows us that it is the in-depth study of each case that is largely the key to success.
We try to speak a language understandable to our clients, because communication and dialogue are of paramount importance in resolving the complex legal cases that accompany your business.
As part of a consulting team, we always apply a comprehensive approach to resolving individual legal cases, with decisions tailored to all tax, financial, accounting and other requirements and effects, so that clients can get the best solution from every point of view.

Professionalism, built on many years of experience, does not allow us to create unrealistic or false expectations for solving your legal problems.

Administrative service

Our highly qualified team with international experience will make sure that the services we provide are at a higher level than you expect. We take care of everything – accounting, archiving, payroll processing, tax consulting and taking care of your accounts.

Our partners can benefit from complete service and fully outsource all their administrative responsibilities. Our service is extremely confidential, as is our client list.

We help you focus

Fourmate can offer you highly qualified legal services related to the wide range of possible cases in your business and assist you in the areas of greatest importance for businesses operating in both local and international markets:
commercial transactions and contracts
contract law
company law
mergers and acquisitions
due diligence reports
real estate appraisal and management
Administrative Law
Intellectual Property
procedural representation

The legal team of Fourmate strives to be the active party, making constant efforts for self-improvement, so that we can give workable solutions, to fulfill all commitments professionally and on time, and always to give feedback on the progress of the set tasks.

The professionalism built on our many years of experience, does not allow us to create unrealistic or false expectations for solving your legal problems.

We serve small, medium and large companies from all industries, with revenues from several hundred thousand to millions, incl. production, wholesale and retail, various types of services, incl. information technology services, banking and financial sector and many others.