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Who we are?

We are Fourmate - an accounting firm with over 10 years of experience in accounting, tax and consulting services. Our team of highly qualified specialists has expertise in process management in every business branch in the country and Europe.

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Why choosing us?

Our approach in the management of accounting and company processes allows our clients to focus on the most important thing - growing and achieving maximum results, combined with peace of mind for compliance with legal requirements.

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What we offer?

Fourmate is your solution for a comprehensive accounting policy, full tax reporting and declaration, timely consulting in accordance with legal changes, accurate inventory reporting and valuation of fixed assets.

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Send us information about your business by filling out the form. Our accounting experts will prepare the best offer, tailored to your specifics and the needs of your business.

    Our experts, skills and experience

    can offer you the best possible solutions for the growth and prosperity of your business









    About us

    Professional accounting team with international experience

    Trust leads to success

    Our business consultants are leading experts specializing in a range of industries to meet your every need. We work with managers in all areas of business to help them make better decisions, turn those decisions into action, and achieve the sustainable success they strive for.

    For more than 20 years, our experts have invested experience, professionalism and dedication to achieve the best results for our customers. In our portfolio we combine experience with large national and international companies, local businesses and organizations, non-profit structures and foundations, as well as the full range of different industries.

    Expert management of administrative services

    With our many years of experience, we at Formate Ltd. offer businesses comprehensive solutions for every challenge

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    If you want to entrust your finances to someone, that person must be more than a professional – he must win your trust. I can honestly say that Fourmate are more than professionals, they are friends, advisors and deserve every recommendation for their work.
    Accounting standards and tax legislation are transitional and constantly changing waters depending on the currents of those in power. Fourmate can guide you safely through this stormy sea.

    Assoc. Dr Vasil Pandov

    Law firm Rila Consult and Institute of Private International Law


    The Fourmate team has been taking care of my accounting and insurance obligations (including income tax, monthly VAT reporting and social security contributions) for the last five years. The accounting team is extremely precise and responsible, always available (including from a distance), no matter how busy the accountants are often in the periods of annual closing, friendly, efficient and cooperative. Accountants are active and often remind me in time when I have to provide them with the primary accounting documents they need. In addition, the team is authorized to represent me before the tax and social security authorities, as well as to make the payments due by me on my behalf. This gives me the comfort I need to pursue my profession without having to constantly monitor the numerous monthly and annual deadlines for filing and payment obligations – all of which are taken care of by Kamelia and her team. During these years I have recommended the services of Fourmate many times, and the feedback after that has always been extremely positive.

    Ilya Komarevski

    Partner and Attorney at law in Attorneys-at-Law Tsvetkova Bebov Komarevski